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About Us

Moving Purpose was created to empower teen girls and women, through the art of dance and fashion.

Dance Classes

 Moving Purpose provides hip hop and stiletto heels dance classes throughout the community. Our classes implement social service components and providing individuals with a dance studio experience. Each class focuses on challenging individuals to utilize dance as a form of positive expression and a platform to share who they are in their movement. Here at Moving Purpose, we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn new skills and be seen. Today, Moving Purpose works alongside  social service agencies, low income communities, school districts and organizations to empower our youth and families through the art of dance.


Yes, we like to look cute too! Our Moving Purpose Athletic and Lifestyle clothing line was created to sweat in style. As a woman in fitness or in life, it can be hard to find QUALITY workout clothing. Here at Moving Purpose we want our women to wear clothing that makes them feel like a goddess when they walk into a room. The beauty about our brand is that it gives women a statement, when they are fulfilling their purpose. Whether your purpose is fitness related, work related, wife related, mom related, dog mom related or just LIFE related; we want you to feel confident in your every move. Your presence speaks before you do, why not wear something that already speaks for you? 


Sheree Rome, MSW

CEO/ Executive Director

Sheree Rome is the Executive Director and Founder of Moving Purpose, LLC. Sheree is known as the "dancing social worker." Sheree is a young professional who has over 12 years of experience working in social service and working with at risk youth. Although Sheree prides herself in the field of social service, she also dedicates time to her number one passion; which is her love for dance. In addition to working in the social service field, Sheree is also a dancer, choreographer and creative director. Sheree’s dance experience consists of Hip Hop and Stiletto heels dance. 

Sheree prides herself on embracing one's process and not dimming your own light to please others or fit into societal norms. However, this mindset did not always exist for Sheree. When Sheree was pursuing her college education, she decided to take a few years off from dancing. Sheree took a break because she battled with the idea of feeling like she was not good enough or "too old" to continue her dance career. Although Sheree knew the importance of pursuing her college education, her passion for dance always resonated in the back of her mind. With this in mind, Sheree decided to get back into the dance industry and allocate time to her dance training in Los Angeles, CA. However, when Sheree got back into the dance industry, all of her insecurities began to surface. She felt like her age was going to play a role in the industry, which caused Sheree to underestimate her dance abilities and experience. Despite the challenges that surfaced during her training in Los Angeles, Sheree realized how important it is to embrace the process, run alongside your fears and to trust YOUR OWN journey. 

With this notion in mind, Sheree decided that she wanted to utilize her unique skills to empower other women to also face their fears, regardless of their circumstance. As a result, Sheree decided to create a platform that would incorporate her education, social work experience, dance background and her love for fashion into an entity called Moving Purpose.

Today, Moving Purpose provides a safe environment for youth and adults to express themselves. The goal of each class is to allow individuals to walk into a dance room and not feel incompetent due to their socioeconomic status, gender, age, body type or dance experience. Every individual deserves an opportunity to learn new skills, workout and feel confident in their own skin. Moving Purpose is also a great space for dancers to start over or touch up on their skills. Moving Purpose focuses on the importance of enhancing the mind, body and the spirit as a whole. Sheree also makes it her priority to achieve this goal in each class. Moving Purpose is more than just a dance class to Sheree because it allows her to fulfill her passion for dance and empower people at the same time. Even though Sheree’s dance career is still being written, she believes that it is important to share her experience and inspire other people.

Want Moving Purpose to Host your next event?

If you would like to be a part of the Moving Purpose experience, please subscribe to our page and follow us on social media for updates. Moving Purpose provides pop up classes and private classes. Moving Purpose also collaborates with schools, organizations and social service agencies throughout the community to provide classes for the at-risk youth. If you would like to book a private class, please click on the “contact us” link below, submit your information and someone will contact you.

“It’s time to move YOU.” -Sheree Rome, MSW.

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